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About the Department of Law
    The Department of Law aims at bringing out application-oriented talents who are overall developed morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically. The students will master basic theories and practical skills in law. After graduation, they are capable of jobs in state judiciary, legal services agency, executive, and law enterprises.
It has subjects, including Jurisprudence, History of Chinese Legal System, Constitution, Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Economic Law, Criminal Law, Civil Procedural Law, Criminal Procedural Law, International Law, International Private Law, International Economic Law, Environmental Protection Law, Labor Law.

Department of Fundamental Courses
    Mathematics belongs to our Fundamental Courses Department, owning 10 fulltime job teachers, including one professional title and three associate professors. We teach the math for the whole university, including Calculus, higher mathematics, and Linear algebra, Probability theory and Data statistics.
    Recently our department has gained fruitful results. In 2011, our teachers won the 1st and 2nd prizes in the Young Teacher Teaching Competition. Also, in the same year, both the teaching reform program on the Scientific Teaching Reform of the Goal of Cultivating Applied Talents and the applied scientific research program on the Optimization Design of the Arrangement of Petroleum Pipeline were approved by the school, with the support from funds and other aspects. And this year, we successfully published the book Probability and Data statistics.

 About the Department of Preparatory Learning
    The basic task of college preparatory learning is as follows: taking Chinese, Mathematics, English as core courses and humanity quality courses such as the theories and policies of Chinese minority nationalities and computer basis as the supplementary courses, so as to improve the students’ all-round basic knowledge and abilities. The education offered aims to improve the minority students’ quality of morality, knowledge and physical condition so as to prepare themselves for  undergraduate education.


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