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About the Department of Electro-business
The Department of Electro-Business presently has three majors: electronic business, information management and information system and marketing. Among them, electronic business is the key component of the curriculum. This department presently has 30 full-time teachers and over 2,000 students.
The department has a faculty with excellent professional visions and morality. It has established a set of evaluating and stimulating mechanisms to enforce in-class teaching management and teacher-student interaction. It has set up the electro-business laboratory, a reference room, the e-business project research and research center to improve the teachers and students’ innovative awareness and practical ability.
 The department makes good use of its internal and external resources to conduct college-enterprise cooperation and insists on a practice-oriented education. It aims to foster senior students with innovative spirits who can meet the social needs in the field of electronic business, information management and marketing.

Majors of the Department:
Undergraduate: Electronic Business;Information Management and Information System, Marketing.
Specialist: Electronic Business; Computer Information Management; Marketing.


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