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About the Department of Management
 The Department of Management currently has a faculty of 36 teachers. Among they, 4 are professors, 6 are associate professors (including senior engineers) and 70% of them have acquired a master’s degree. This department has extensive social links and has signed a series of long-term practice or employment contracts with numerous established enterprises and institutions inside and outside the province, as well as established a bulk of influential practice bases. It also has available rich resources for campus practice and education which includes the stimulated accounting laboratory, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) laboratory, the enterprise operation laboratory, a computerized accounting laboratory as well as  the students’ career planning center, the outward bound base,  a multi-functional tourist laboratory and the scenery design and sand-tray planning laboratory.

 The Department of Management stresses the belief of “combining theoretic study with practical training” and the annual employment rate of this department keeps on a high level continuously.

Undergraduate: Accounting; Tourism Management; Human Resource Management;   Industrial and Commercial Management.
Specialist:   Accounting; Tourism Management.

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