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About the Department of Journalism
    The Department of Journalism sticks to the connotation of “being earlier than the others” and places its educational emphasis on the theories, application and scientific research of journalism and communication as well as strong capacity of carrying out social activities. The department annually organizes students for internships in newspapers, television and broadcasting stations, websites, institution or enterprise units and advertising companies to receive practical training. Students in this department have published various works which amounts to nearly 60,000 passages or items. The department combines theory teaching with practical training so as to prepare themselves for the future. At present, the department has over 1,000 students enrolled and 15 full-time teachers, among whom 2 are professors and 2 are associate professors. Faculty members of this department have graduated from prestigious institutions such as Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Huazhong Normal University, the Capital Normal University (Beijing), South-central University for Nationalities, and Lanzhou University. The teachers are highly respected by their students for their strong scientific research capacity, skillful teaching methods and excellent teaching effects.



Undergraduate: Journalism; Science of Advertising. Law

Specialist: News gathering and editing; Advertising design and producing.


About the Department of Art Design

The Department of Art Design places an emphasis on innovative spirits and values practical training. Various teaching methods and practical opportunities are used to stimulate the students’ potentials of creation so as to prepare themselves for their future career.

       This department has quality teaching resources and creative academic atmosphere as well as a dedicated faculty with strong responsibility and solid professional knowledge and teaching experiences. The department has numerous professional studios and exhibition halls. It keeps a good working relationship with other art colleges, conducts interactive academic communications periodically, and holds academic lectures or forums by international-classed masters and domestic experts to share the latest trends in the ever changing world of art.

The Department of Art Design presently has four practical majors. Students professional opportunities include: professional designing, decoration, cartooning, planning & designing, manufacture designing, online media, large and medium enterprises, groups, as well as college, school and adult education. The department operates a series of research rooms such as art history, art basis, designing, and the practical teaching and learning research room. In addition it has art exhibition halls, excellent work displaying rooms, professional movie & video photography and painting studios, computerized professional design room, handwriting & painting working room, multi-media center and a comprehensive material room.



    1. Visual Transmission Design

       2. Environmental Art Design

3. Multi-media Art Design

4. Industrial Manufacture Design









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