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Department of Foreign Languages
 About the Department of Finance
 Following the educational objectives of “learning to be yourself, learning to learn, learning major, learning English and learning computer”, the Department of Finance aims at building up its own advantages by bringing up individuals with practical ability and an innovation spirit to meet the social needs. The department has a faculty of 76 full-time teachers: 9 professors, 24 associate professors, 12 doctors with overseas study and working experiences. One of them was honored “pioneering teacher of national foreign trade system”, and another is an expert who has been awarded special grants from the State Council.
The Department of Finance stresses on cultivating students’ ability of operation. It has designed a series of courses with practical operational characteristics, and established some professional economic laboratories for international trade practices and business negotiations, financial practices, securities investment, international investment and quantitative study. It has been conducting economic simulation experimental teaching. The department recruits domestic and foreign experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs to teach or give lectures and sponsors foreign teachers for business oral English. It also established some teaching practice and training bases in a number of Chinese coastal cities like Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. It carries out a job-hunting principle of “combining self-choice with recommendation”, and the annual employment rate of this department is higher than 90 percent.
Majors of the Department:
Undergraduate:  International Economy and Trade; Finance
Specialist:  International Economy and Trade; Declarations & International Freight (2 years); International Finance; Investment and Financial management

About the Department of Foreign Language
       This is a vigorous department with a faculty consists of 2 professors, 3 associate professors and 12 lecturers. This department annually hires foreign experts to teach oral English, Western media and culture, and the history of America and Britain. The inclusion in the department’s faculty of foreign instructors provides students with as added advantage; an exposure to Western teaching methods and style. In addition, native English speakers provide students with as expanded vocabulary and improved pronunciation. The department is located in a multifunctional independent Foreign Language Building which contains multi-media classrooms, language laboratories, person-computer dialogue rooms and self-served learning centers. This department not only emphasizes the training of basic language skills, but also stresses the cultivation of practical abilities so as to foster practical-style foreign language students with solid language skills, higher comprehensive quality as well as a broaden horizon.
Undergraduate:  English Language & Literature.
Specialist:  Practical English.
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