School of International Education

About the School of International Education

School of International Education of Wuhan Yangtze Business University aims at cultivating compound talents who have international view and global competitiveness and makes great effort for numerous students to provide them a platform that heads for a world. We provide authoritative, canonical, and economical and perfect various abroad study educations to those students who have the desire to study abroad by relying on our college’s strong teachers’ strength and a long-term, direct and steady cooperative relation with foreign universities, and by introducing the international standard curriculum system. 
Our college is presently running an intercollegiate exchange project which faces the high-school students, the junior college students and the undergraduate students etc. who have different matriculation beginnings. Besides, we have developed more than 20 intercollegiate exchange projects with more than 20 foreign colleges in the United States, Canada, Australia and England etc. We practice a cooperative raise pattern which involves the Chinese and foreign double campus so as to realize the international trail connection of the curriculum teaching and the teaching management. We recognize the school grades mutually, and acquire both parties’ diplomas. In addition, we have also been undertaking IELTS, Italian training service etc. over a long period of time.
Since the establishment of our college, a group of students have gone abroad successfully and have furthered their study in institutions of higher learning, such as Oxford University in Britain and the University of Missouri in the United States etc.
In 2010, the first and the only approved Sunshine Overseas StudyEducation Experimental Basement by China’s Educational Intermediary Institution in Hubei Province was settled in our college. The basement operates the Self-financed Overseas Study Sunshine Service System, by performing the plan designed for the whole process to provide a systematic service for the students, and the service in the whole process traced plan includes overseas study planning, preparatory learning, application for admission, application for visa, overseas service, certificate confirmation, employment China, etc. Thus, the students

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