Oversea Internship

    Overseas Internship 2012–2013
    Internship is an important part of career preparation. Most students will prefer to undertake an internship during early years of university studies, especially the last year. In WYBU, we see the importance of internship for every student. The Office of International Exchange is dedicated to source many local and overseas internship opportunities for you. A good planning and strategy to select the right internship: location, industries and nature, will compliment your academics, exchange and extra curricular activities. The ultimate goal is to bring you an all-rounded and impressive CV for improving your employability after graduation.
    Joining an overseas internship will expand your global perspective while gaining practical working experience. Each year, Office of International Exchange organizes many paid or unpaid overseas internship programs in winter and summer, across mainland US, Dubai, Singapore and possibly other destinations. The industries and job nature vary from accounting & finance, advertising/marketing/media, airlines, art and culture, business, engineering, government bodies, hospitality, international affairs, IT, law to NGO etc. We are committed to foster existing programs as well as to bring in new ones every year.